But For the Heart and Liver (Dirk/Jake fantasy AU giveaway fic)


Title: But For the Heart and Liver

Notes/Warnings: Rated T for Teens Awkwardly Flirting Underwater, Dirk/Jake, fantasy AU, merfolk, kelpies, fluff and romance, Dirk being creepy, dopey fairytale style storytelling, made up bullshit about magical creatures, also Lil Hal is in it with a passing mention of implied Hal/Roxy.

IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A KELPIE ISCHECK THIS OUT or else you’ll be really confused. Warning that kelpie lore is not for the faint of heart, though for purposes of this story, the gross stuff is kept to a super minimum.

(Third giveaway fic is on the way too, soon…..ish….ssshhhh…)

.: Once upon a time, there was a lonely kelpie boy. :.

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Flow As They Will (NSFW Alpha OT4)

I believe I promised poly alpha piles, yes?


Okay I’ll be honest I’m unsure of how to tag a lot of this.

Notes/Warnings: Domestic-style polyamorous Alphas with a focus on Jane and Dirk. Sexual content (Dirk/Jake+Roxy) voyeurism (courtesy of Jane,) weird comfort situations, bondage, gags, control issues, sort of a weird dominant/submissive thing going on??? remaining non-sexual during sexual situations.

Sorry I’m honestly not sure how to describe this, it just fell out of my head and I’m still a bit nervy about it. It is mostly introspective and fluffy and I did the thing where I don’t use real dialogue again.


.: She usurps his schemes and he looks to her with nervous, grateful eyes. :.

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as someone who doesn’t fit into any particular set of labels and is frequently pushed into labeling myself, this is bothering me

so I made my very first tumblr powerpoint, here you go



what a nerd amiright

roe i love u



what a nerd amiright

roe i love u

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pale dates


pale dates

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Title: On One Hand  

Author: Jalules

Download link: (mediafire

Filesize: 9.5 MB

Length: 8:18

Rating/Warnings: no explicit content, light swearing

Primary Character: Dirk Strider 

Summary: “You stretch one arm out to your side and make a fist, release one finger from the tension for every living thing in the world you love.”

Additional notes: this author is superb, go read their stuff

Ahhhhh wow jeez what a neat thing!!!

This is great and I’m really flattered that someone bothered to read my writing aloud, and SUPER IMPRESSED because they read it so well :0 It’s beautiful.

Fall In (Dave, Dirk, brother feelings and musing)

It’s been a while, huh?

I’m not even sure I’m really happy with this, but I’m throwing it out here anyway.

No warnings, no pairings, just a lot of brother angst and fluff and feelings.

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On One Hand

Updates have me thinking on Strider matters so here, have three pages of Dirk musing about friends and family and feelings.

The three F’s.

Are you tired of my alliteration yet?

Title: On One Hand

Notes/Warnings: none. It’s Dirk and there’s some language, read it if you like musey feelings. Slight Dirk/Jake but I mean come on guys. Angsty if you wanna be picky.

.: You stretch one arm out to your side and make a fist, release one finger from the tension for every living thing in the world you love. :.

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redfruitwhiteseeds asked: Care to share some alpha kid headcanons?

Sure! c: Just any old headcanons? Ummmhmm….



Jane- Jane has no patience for real romance stories, since they’re unrealistic and far too silly for her tastes. She prefers drawing the romance out of other stories, not going quite to the level of full on shipping, but appreciating the lesser noticed couples in the world.

Roxy- Roxy likes to share silly, secret things with people. She tries to wear something to match Jane on certain days, because even if they’re centuries apart, even if no one else will know, they’re still bffsies and they just gotta match earrings and suchlike.

Jake- Jake falls asleep on things a lot. Not to say he’s anywhere near Jade’s level of magical pass-outitude, but he probably nods off watching movies and reading comics, or even mid-conversation when he’s stayed up too late having rousing roleplay chats with his buds. It’s tough to wake him up after the fact.

Dirk- Dirk is almost obsessively careful about personal hygiene. The rest of his house, the whole world even, can fall to pieces, but he makes sure to keep his hair perfectly styled, his teeth brushed, his skin clear as he can possibly make it. I like to think he shaves his legs because it’ll drive him crazy if he doesn’t.

Three Months (Jane/Roxy pesterlog fic)

I’ve been dying to write something for Roxy ever since she appeared but I tried to be patient and wait for her to get a name.

Soooo here is my first go at Roxy, Jane, and some Dirk too. Hopefully I did not murder them with writing???

(and maybe sometime I can upload this somewhere with proper text colors because I did use them?????)

Title: Three Months

Notes/Warnings: pg-13ish, ENTIRELY PESTERLOG, if you don’t like pesterlog format turn back now, Jane/Roxy, established relationship, long-distance relationship, fluffy bullshit, discussion of sex (and therein- bondage, D/s elements,) human moirallegiance?

That is to say, Jane and Roxy have scattered and half-finished conversations over the course of three months in which they toss hearts around, talk about sexy things, and plan an upcoming visit. Dirk Strider helps sometimes.

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